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terapeut is the online therapist open to anyone. terapeut enables you to speak your feelings, without having to have someone on the other side. This enables more people to access therapy at a time without waiting for live asssistance. Terapeut also allows people to do this anonymously. One of the other great advantages of Terapeut is that for people who feel anxiety and dont feel safe confessing to a human, a robot will not judge you and will always be accepting!

For a phone please call +1 323-364-7905

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The developers of terapeut

Neel Redkar

Hey, I'm Neel. I'm an eigth grader at WRMS and I love to program! I did the frontend and some backend of this website! I love to program, play cards, and eat! This is my first Hackathon project so im VERY excited!!!

Manav Bokinala

Hey, I'm Manav Bokinala, an 8th grader at Windemere Ranch Middle School. I enjoy programming, tinkering with Arduino, and reading.

Eric Pedley

Hey I'm Eric and I'm a sophomore at Homestead High School. Besides programming, I like running, biking, math, and video games.

Evan Nishi

Hey my name is Evan Nishi, and I'm a freshman at Las Lomas high. I love programming, math, circuitry, and biking. I have experience using python, javascript and libraries such as tensorflow, numpy, matplotlib, and keras.